D.A. Wallach Comes Out As Voice Behind Tyler, The Creator’s ‘Glowing’ Video

The former Chester French frontman talks collaborating with the Odd Future star.

The Weeknd did it. Lorde did it. And, most recently, D.A. Wallach did it. Releasing music anonymously online is pretty de rigueur, but not everyone gets to herald their under-wraps solo project with a video courtesy of Tyler, The Creator.

Wallach released the first fruits of his solo project, “Glowing,” via a beautiful — and almost uncharacteristic — video directed by Tyler back in October. At the time, no one knew who penned the Beatles-esque love song, and when MTV News hit up Wallach to see if the former Chester French frontman was responsible for the track, he flat-out denied it. Now, however, the singer has come forward and taken responsibility for the jam, releasing a similarly lush, throwback track “Farm” at the end of November.

“I had made the song about 9 months ago and Tyler’s manager, a guy named Chris Clancy, was a friend of mine — I played it for him,” Wallach told MTV News. “I wasn’t intending to put out new music myself; I had sort of retired from music.” Wallach is currently an Artist In Residence at Spotify.

Clancy played the track for Tyler, who helped concoct a scheme to direct an accompanying video and release his tunes anonymously, “because we just wanted people to enjoy the song,” Wallach said.

“The video itself conceptually is just sort of about a couple and their love persisting through everything else that’s distracting and terrible in the world and ultimately comforting them,” he said.

Tyler has been heavily into directing of late, releasing a
a trailer for a mysterious upcoming movie called “Wolf” — also the name of his latest album — under his alter ego Wolf Haley in September. He also dropped a GIF-tastic video for the track “Tamale” video, and expressed his desire to be a famous director in a recent Twitter rant against Will.i.am, saying: “IN 10 YEARS HE’LL BE 50 AND ILL BE 32 MAKING MOVIES (not even in them) WATCH. WOLF HALEY DIRECTOR SECTION WILL BE POPPIN.”

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