Austin Mahone Goes For A Flirty Joyride In 'Banga Banga' Video: Watch Now

Singer asks his Mahomies, 'Who's gonna watch #BangaBanga a MILLION times in a row?'

Austin Mahone's flirty swag is turned all the way up in his new "Banga Banga" video, released on Wednesday (December 11).

The clip finds the 17-year-old trying to woo a pretty young lady in a skate park — complete with customized Mahone graffiti and skateboards — where he's hanging out with his friends. Austin pulls out all the stops to make sure he wins her heart, including taking her for a joyride in his jeep.

Mahone opened up about his plans for the video back in November, telling MTV News he wanted his smooth dance moves to be the focus of the clip.

"I see it kind of fun because I think the song is not really that serious. It's not a serious, serious song," he said. "It's fun and loose, so I mean, I see the video definitely a lot of dancing, a lot of smiling, just a fun video. It can be real loose and real cool."

And there's plenty of dancing as the singer shows off his moves in the final cut, popping and locking in the park. Sean Garrett, who produced and raps on the track, also makes an appearance in the visual, directed by Gil Green (Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne). As the video closes out and day turns to night, Mahone and his new girl cuddle up on a half-pipe.

The "What About Love" singer has big plans for the video, too, now that it's out. Prior to the release, Mahone wondered via Twitter, "Who's gonna watch #BangaBanga a MILLION times in a row?"

"Banga Banga" will be featured on Mahone's debut album, out in 2014.