Game Clears Up Cash Money Signing And Khloe Kardashian Rumors

Is he or isn't he? The rapper opens up about his Cash Money involvement.

Cash Money Records has an expansive roster, but despite a false alarm, the Game isn't a part of the team — yet!

In October, Cash Money boss Birdman made headlines after trading tweets and posting Instagram flicks that seemed to confirm a signing with Game. But a recent interview proves otherwise.

"Right now, I'm just enjoying my free agency," the Game told in a video clip that hit the Internet on Tuesday. "I had talks with Birdman and we're trying to figure what it's gonna be, how it's gonna work ... It definitely could work. I got a relationship with Wayne, Drizzy and Stunna, Slim — a long relationship that goes back five, 10 years."

Back in October, Birdman tweeted cryptically, "S/O 2MY@thegame Westcoast makit Official.RICHGANG.YMCMBusine$$. Sh-- just startin 2014 a Movie ahead of tha Game we just sign some Great NY.Rappers connectin tha dots Richgang YMCMB."

A day after the tweets on October 13, Cash Money recording artist Tyga welcomed Game to Cash Money Records by handing him his CM chain at a California concert. "I drove like two hours to let everybody know that Game is signed to Cash Money Records," Tyga said as he took his chain off and passed it to Game.

The announcement was a bit premature, however, and it seems like the two sides are still working out the particulars, Game told "It's just trying to figure out what's the best for Cash Money, what's the best for Game at this point in his career. That's pretty much family and that's where I'm at, at this point," he said. "Nothing's written in stone, but that's where I'm leaning."

While Game was clearing the air, he shot down recent romance rumors about Khloe Kardashian.

"Khloe is one of my best friends in life," he said, before explaining the origins of their friendship.

Before they were famous, the Game says he and the reality star were roommates in a five-bedroom house in Burbank, California. "Me, Khloe and three other of my friends, who are all males, we had a house that we all rented that was in Burbank when we all were struggling artists, or trying to figure out where to go next and trying to figure out where we're gonna end up in life," he said. "And Khloe was one of our roommates."

Game assures that there is no funny business going on between him and the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star. "It's not physical, sexual. Khloe's like a sister to me and will always be a good friend to me, and that's where it stops," he said. "Lamar [Odom] is the homey, that's his wife. Khloe is loyal to their marriage, so that's what it is."