Who Are Drake And Mac Miller Listening To? Meet Rap's Newest Buzz

Lil Bibby just dropped his mixtape on November 29, but he's already found fans in mainstream artists.

Lil Bibby know knows that things happen pretty quickly in the rap game.

On November 29, the Chicago rap teen dropped his breakout mixtape Free Crack online without charge, but the feedback he's gotten is priceless.

"I've been getting a lot of feedback from a lot of mainstream artists and sh-- like that," he told MTV News on December 4, still shy to the camera's gaze. "Recently, Mac MIller just hit me up, Drake and a couple of other names I can't remember, like Earl Sweatshirt."

Bibby's 17-track tape is a grand introduction to the hardened rap rookie. At 19 years old, Bibby's deep and gravelly voice has a texture of a man twice his age. On songs like "Water," one of the tape's standouts, Bibby delivers hard-knock street tales, only adding to his wise-beyond-his-years persona.

"I gotta keep my head above water/ Catch me in the kitchen, I be whippin' with the water," he raps using lightly-coded drug lingo.

Drake, for one, is definitely a fan. In the weeks leading up to Free Crack's release Drizzy shouted out Bibby onstage and even met with the youngster during the Atlanta stop on his Would You Like a Tour? Tour.

"A lot of the mainstream guys starting to reach out to me, I guess it's reaching the masses," Bibby says, in a bit of awe at his own rapid rise.

As of now, the youngster is just taking it all in, trying to make sense of all the attention. "I'm kinda new to the Mac Miller scene," he admitted. "Drake — I always listen to Drake. I always listen to T.I., Gucci [Mane], Lil Wayne."

Now, they're probably all listening to him.