Miley's Colossal Year In 24 Amazing GIFs

As MTV's Artist of the Year, Miley Cyrus has a lot to look back on.

Congrats, Miley! You're MTV's Artist of the Year. And for a good reason. From kicking off 2013 with a scandalous new image and a messy, cakey EDM cameo to ending it with the year's biggest "Wrecking Ball" meme and a legacy to match, Miley Cyrus in 2013 is a lot to review. That said, we broke down 24 moments to sum it all up.


Borgore's "Decisions" video makes Miley raucous:

At the end of 2012, Miley's new movement began. She chopped off her top knot, dyed her hair platinum and teamed up with Borgore to make a party-hardy EDM track, the first entry into her post-country-rock era after ditching Hollywood Records and enlisting Britney Spears' Lady Rudolph as her manager. The video, which debuted in January, turned heads with its cake smearing and rowdy vibe, but it was just the beginning.

Cosmo cover:

We saw Miley's new look up close and personal in a Cosmo cover styled by Rachel Zoe. Blonde pixie? Check. Naked under a blazer? Check. See-through blouses? Check. We're ready for 2013!


Grammys side boob previews what's to come:

Yeah, people were a little shocked when Miley debuted some side-boob at the Grammys. (And Wiz Khalifa helped her debut her signature tongue move). Little did they know. Lit-tle did. They. Know.


Twerking in a unicorn onesie: It started it all.


Snoop Lion's "Ashtrays + Heartbreaks": Miley isn't all party. By jumping on the reincarnated Snoop's reggae track, she proved she can get serious.


Makes #1 on Maxim Hot 100 list: Miley toasts the "honor" by sliding into a gold leotard.

Miley goes punk: The Met Gala gave all celebrities a chance to get goth, and M changed up her 'do with a spiky twist.


"We Can't Stop": We got the first taste of Cyrus' new album with "We Can't Stop." And while we were content listening to the track, things blew up when she brought big teddy bears and French-fry skulls to the scene and made her high-cut leotard mainstream.

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2013 MTV Video Music Awards: This probably doesn't need an explanation, but for those of you not aware, here are some words to explain: Robin Thicke, foam finger, twerking, Amazon Ashley, teddy bears, nude-colored latex.

"Twerk" added to dictionary: We know it's not Miley's word and there's still a history there, but it might as well be her word. Girl, you made it to Oxford.


Mike Will Made It's "23": Miley was just as excited about this video as if it were one of her own. Since Mike Will is such a good friend (he produced a ton of Bangerz), she hopped on his track and got to sit on a basketball hoop during the video.

Rolling Stone cover: She got naked on the cover of RS, went skydiving for the cover story and tattooed Rolling Stone on her feet. We'd say that's pretty epic for her.

Breakup with Liam Hemsworth: After months and months of on-again off-again speculation, the two made it official: they'd

broken up.


Bangerz is released: October was the month of Miley — most importantly because her album dropped on October 4. With songs like "4x4" and "My Darlin'" with Future, the LP went straight to #1.

Lil' Kim Halloween costume: The year before, she was Nicki Minaj, but now that Miley was famous enough for Halloween costumes to spoof her for her VMA performance, she figured she'd take on another iconic VMA look: Lil' Kim's purple pasty.

"Miley: The Movement": Miley's MTV documentary gave us a deeper look into the singer's crazy life and music.

Working with an idol: Miley got to work with pop princess Britney Spears for her Bangerz track "SMS." Needless to say, the moment will go down in music history.

SNL: Miley wasn't afraid to make fun of herself when she hosted and served as the musical guest for "Saturday Night Live." She took on haters and politics, dishing up a sexy impressions of Michele Bachman and Hillary Clinton. And her acoustic performance of "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball" were just what we needed after the post-VMA whirlwind.

She came in like a "Wrecking Ball": We were so stoked for a second Miley vid from Bangerz, and we really got a treat. She started the video crying all Sinead O'Conner-style and ended up riding a steel ball and licking a sledge hammer. Again, the critics harped. But she's doesn't care.

Sinead O'Conner pens a critical letter: "You are worth more than your body or your sexual appeal," O'Conner wrote in an open letter to Miley, which resulted in some unsavory jabs swapped over Twitter. Miley was offended but didn't deny that the singer was still her inspiration for the "Wrecking Ball" video.


Smokin' up the EMA: Yeah, Miley lit a joint onstage. Was that a problem?

Future's "Real and True" video: Who said Miley was ever going to be modest? When it came time to shoot Future's "Real and True" video, she went nude once again. But this time she covered up with glitter body paint at least.


Miley's new haircut: Now that 2013 is almost over, maybe Miley is ready to start a new era. Perhaps this brand-new bob and bangs mean she's switching over to a different style palette?

Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" Christmas ornaments: And then there's this.