Jennifer Lawrence Shows Us Her 'Platypus Face'

'American Hustle' star tells MTV News how she induces so many tears on set.

Crowd favorite that she may be, Jennifer Lawrence is great at finding things to criticize about herself. The way she runs? She's over it. Her kisses? They're pretty snotty. And her house? It smells like farts.

Now, while doing the press rounds for the upcoming "American Hustle," she's found a new flaw to highlight: Her crying face.

In an interview with MTV News, Lawrence said that her "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" co-star Josh Hutcherson has a special name for the way she contorts her face while crying.

"Josh always calls it platypus face," she said. "I don't remember where we were last night, he was like, 'come on, do it!' And I was like, 'no!' 'Do it.' It's my like crying, full platypus face."

And, of course, a brief demonstration followed.

In a live chat ahead of the release of "Catching Fire," Lawrence said that she had a goal to "find a prettier crying face" after watching herself bawl onscreen.

As for the actorly art of shedding a tear, Lawrence told MTV News that when a scene requires the character to cry, after a certain point, chemical assistance may be required.

"You can really only be and feel genuine for about three times, and then you have to move on to menthol," she said.