Tom Cruise Goes Back For More 'Jack Reacher'

After the next 'Mission: Impossible,' Cruise will return to the world of 'Jack Reacher,' with an adaptation of the novel 'Never Go Back.'

The law has limits, but Tom Cruise does not. Here's what he does have: a "Jack Reacher" sequel on the horizon.

Having already defeated The Zec (and thereby sealing the deal for moviegoers that they won't have anymore fingerless maniac Werner Herzog in their lives), Cruise is now set to return to the world of "Jack Reacher" with a planned sequel, based on the latest Lee Childs novel, titled "Never Go Back." Childs' book, which was published in September, sees Reacher returning to his old military base, intent on taking the commanding officer out on a date. When he arrives, however, Reacher finds that the officer is in custody, he's been charged for crimes he didn't commit, and he's accused of fathering a child with a woman he doesn't remember.

All in a day's work.

Even with Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions officially at work on a sequel, Cruise won't set forth with a second "Jack Reacher" for a little while yet. First, he's obligated to star in "Mission: Impossible 5," the next installment of his other blockbuster franchise. Details on Ethan Hunt's next adventure are scarce, except that "Jack Reacher" director Christopher McQuarrie is behind the lens. Because of that, McQuarrie is too busy preparing for "Mission: Impossible 5" to direct the next "Reacher."

But perhaps Cruise has room on his plate for another movie before "Mission: Impossible 5" and the "Jack Reacher" sequel. Deadline notes that before either of those projects goes forward, Cruise might headline the smaller-scale project "Go Like Hell," a film about Ford and Ferrari's battle for sports-car supremacy in the 1960s, described as "'The Right Stuff' for sports cars." For that project, Cruise would reunite with his "Oblivion" director, Joseph Kosinski.

Are you excited for more "Jack Reacher," or are you too focused on another "Mission: Impossible" to care?