Hannah Montana Lives On In Migos Video: What Will Miley Think?

Atlanta rappers Migos pay tribute to Miley Cyrus with 'Hannah Montana' music video.

Miley Cyrus has gone full throttle with her twerkin' and barely-there outfits in an effort to put her child star past behind her, but Migos isn't letting "Hannah Montana" rest that easily.

On Monday (December 9), the Atlanta-based trio dropped the video for their hit single titled after Cyrus' Disney Channel show, and they even re-worked some lyrics on her behalf. That's just another testament to her being crowned MTV News' Best Artist of 2013.

The clip begins with a Christmas carol rendition of the track, using the necessary refrains — "Hannah Montana," "Miley, Miley, twerk," "trapping out the bendo" — before the scene switches back to Migos and crew rapping in a deserted parking lot where the twerkin' begins. We wouldn't have been surprised at an actual Miley cameo in the video, but she might've been too busy to film this one.

The original track didn't actually have much to do with Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus, but the video version certainly does, with lyrics like "That Hannah Montana she twerkin' so much I can't handle her!" and "Miley shaking like her booty had a seizure, I had to tap her on the shoulder — hey it's really nice to meet you. She ain't got a lotta booty but she still go crazy."

Those are obvious references to Miley's big performance at the VMAs, where she had tongues wagging for days thanks to her twerkin' all over the stage (and all over Robin Thicke).

With her album Bangerz hitting shelves back in October, there's still plenty more Miley Cyrus to look out for in the coming months. What song or video might she pop up in next?