Exclusive: Watch Britney Spears' Latest 'Perfume' Teaser

Brit releases another teaser for her new video, set to debut Tuesday (December 10.)

Britney Spears is proving to be quite a tease.

MTV News has an exclusive clip from her latest video "Perfume," set to debut on Tuesday (December 10), Britney is looking positively radiant in a leather jacket, minimal make-up and her long blonde-hair flowing. The pop star walks slowly ahead of her lover in the video, played by model, Alexander Kjellevik, singing, "I want to believe..." as she looks back with a smile to Kjellevik, also donning a leather jacket, as he coyly looks away from her glance.

Over the weekend, the singer marked her territory all over her Instagram with two snippets of the video, in which she told fans, that she "had to dig deep and really play with some acting chops for this one." In the two clips, Britney is seen smiling with her lover, holding hands and going for a night swim.

That's not all — last week, Britney also released a 36-second teaser of the video, which was directed by frequent collaborator Joseph Khan, who has helmed Britney's video's for "Toxic," "Stronger," and "Womanzier." In the clip, which has shots of the video intercut with lyrics to the song, Britney is seen exchanging rings with her co-star and looking longingly into the sunset.

The track, which was co-written by Britney and Sia was described by Britney in a recent Twitter Q&A as a song, "just about relationship insecurities & feeling insecure about the person you care for" and is the second single off her very personal eighth album, Britney Jean.

"You kinda of do put yourself in an exposed situation and you're putting yourself out there a little bit," Britney told MTV News about being more open. "But I feel like it's better to do that than keep it in."