The Cheapskate's Gift Guide: Movie Gifts Under $6

From 'Monsters University' lip balm, to 'Gravity' aftershave.

Say you've got a movie buff in your life, but hate spending money. In a world where DVDs regularly cost upwards of $20, and taking someone out to a movie can get even more expensive, the whole idea makes a skinflint want to say, "Bah, humbug!" But worry not, penny pinchers: we've got ten gift suggestions for you based on the top ten grossing movies of the year... And they won't cost more than $6 each:

"World War Z" Kindle Edition

You loved Brad Pitt in the hit zombie movie, and want to get the book. But even a paperback is going to push your budget! Worry not: the Kindle version is cheaper than a falafel in zombie-fied Israel. [$2.49, Amazon]

"Oz The Great And Powerful" Nail Lacquer

One would think the "Lights of Emerald City" nail lacquer color would have a greenish hue, but one would be wrong. Just click your nails three times, and you'll look fabulous! [$1.52, Amazon]

"Star Trek Into Darkness" Spock Ears

To be fair these knock-off Vulcan ears based on Zachary Quinto's character are called "Star Trek Into The Darkness Spock Ears," but who's quibbling a definite article when there's money to be saved? [$5.99, Amazon]

"We Own It (Fast & Furious)"

You're not going to be able to buy the full album from "Fast & Furious 6," but you should be able to spring for a single. [$1.29, Amazon]

"Iron Man 3" Mandarin Minifig

With an adorable (and adorably cheap) LEGO minifig version of Ben Kingsley's character from "Iron Man 3," you'll never see these savings coming. [$0.01, Amazon]

"Despicable Me 2" Duct Tape

For the kid who loves "Despicable Me 2," and also permanently taping things. [$5.97, Amazon]

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Peeta Poster

Weird that the Peeta character poster from "Catching Fire" is the cheapest one available. Super, super weird. [$4.99, Amazon]

"Man of Steel" Dangling Cutouts

Nothing says, "I love you" this holiday season like "dangling cutouts." [$4.38, Amazon]

"Monster University" Lip Balm

For just over five bucks you can get blueberry Sulley lip balm, and banana flavored Mike lip balm. Because nothing is better on your lips than the taste of green bananas. [$5.09, Amazon]

"Gravity" Aftershave

Okay, to be fair, this aftershave has nothing to do with the movie "Gravity." But you try finding an under-$6 gift based on a serious exploration of space that pushes the entire discipline of film forward in previously unimaginable ways. Would it have killed them to throw a lovable animated monkey in there somewhere? Anyway, if you want you can spray this on your neck and pretend it has the scent of "slowly dying in space." [$5.43, Amazon]