The Cheapskate’s Gift Guide: Movie Gifts Under $6

From 'Monsters University' lip balm, to 'Gravity' aftershave.

Say you’ve got a movie buff in your life, but hate spending money. In a world where DVDs regularly cost upwards of $20, and taking someone out to a movie can get even more expensive, the whole idea makes a skinflint want to say, “Bah, humbug!” But worry not, penny pinchers: we’ve got ten gift suggestions for you based on the top ten grossing movies of the year… And they won’t cost more than $6 each:

World War Z” Kindle Edition
You loved Brad Pitt in the hit zombie movie, and want to get the book. But even a paperback is going to push your budget! Worry not: the Kindle version is cheaper than a falafel in zombie-fied Israel. [$2.49, Amazon]

Oz The Great And Powerful” Nail Lacquer
One would think the “Lights of Emerald City” nail lacquer color would have a greenish hue, but one would be wrong. Just click your nails three times, and you’ll look fabulous! [$1.52, Amazon]

Star Trek Into Darkness” Spock Ears
To be fair these knock-off Vulcan ears based on Zachary Quinto’s character are called “Star Trek Into The Darkness Spock Ears,” but who’s quibbling a definite article when there’s money to be saved? [$5.99, Amazon]

“We Own It (Fast & Furious)”
You’re not going to be able to buy the full album from “