VGX 2013: 'Game Of Thrones' Announced, 'Grand Theft Auto' Wins Game Of The Year

Spike TV VGX performers Tyler, the Creator and Game weigh in with MTV News on their favorites.

Spike TV's VGX 2013 promised big exclusives, and they delivered. Whether it was game announcements, new trailers, or performances by everyone from Tyler the Creator to, appropriately, The Game, the rebranded Video Game Awards was the gaming event of the year.

Rather than just a straight awards show, this year's VGX became an all day event hosted in part by Joel McHale ("Community," "The Soup") and Spike's Geoff Keighley. While there, MTV News caught up with several of the performers who were happy to go to bat for their favorite property.

"We here to support Rockstar, man," The Game said, referring to the Grand Theft Auto creators. "GTA V man, game of the year, $2.8 billion revenue. That's a big deal for us video gamers, and you already know my name is the Game, so..."

Tyler, the Creator, on the other hand, professed his love for games (though not for the Game); though his heart may belong to something else.

"We've got cool outfits, that's all I know," Tyler, the Creator of said on the shiny red suits he and Earl Sweatshirt wore onstage. "We got really awesome outfits. I love Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed, Sonic... But I probably think wearing these items makes the game more effective."

As for what Tyler, Earl, and the Game might be jonesing for at next year's VGX? Here's a roundup of some of the hottest announcements at the event:

» Telltale Games, creators of the award-winning "The Walking Dead" series and the recent "The Wolf Among Us," had two big pieces of news: a spin-off called "Tales From The Borderlands," and more excitingly, an adaptation of HBO's "Game of Thrones."

» New first looks at the Ogre Titan and Stryder Titan from Titanfall.

» Double Fine locking up the geek vote with announcements that icons Wil Wheaton and Elijah Wood will be providing voices for their new game "Broken Age."

» A better look at "Destiny," the highly anticipated "shared world" shooter from Bungie, creators of the record-breaking "Halo" series.

On the awards side of things, Game of the Year went to "Grand Theft Auto V," with "Bioshock Infinite" winning three awards, and "Last of Us" garnering two wins in the "Best Voice" categories.

There is no official announcement as of yet on the date for next year's VGX.