One Direction Reunited With Long Lost Sixth Member In 'SNL' Promos

In teaser clips for this weekend's 'Saturday Night Live' appearance, 1D get an offer from Paul Rudd they most certainly can refuse.

With their heart-melting harmonies, contagious charisma and bevy of teenage girls in tow screaming their names, the guys of One Direction may think they're the complete boy-band package. But in the new promos for their "Saturday Night Live" appearance this weekend, host Paul Rudd tries to prove that isn't quite true.

In the first promo, the "Anchorman 2" star makes the shocking — and, for him, the rather emotional — revelation that he once was the sixth member of the U.K. boy band until he was "unceremoniously asked to leave." While the guys tried to comfort him with a few half-hearted apologies, it wasn't enough to appease a very neglected Rudd.

In the next promo, the 44-year-old coolly asks 1D, "You guys have room for one more in the band?" which gets an awkward "Uh, I don't think so, man" from Niall Horan and a half-hearted "Sorry, we're full" from Harry Styles.

In the final clip, Rudd finally falls victim to the fever that millions of fangirls have caught worldwide (including, apparently, "SNL" castmember Vanessa Bayer).

"Yeah, I get it -- all the screaming. Makes sense now," he said, looking around at Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Liam, a sight so unbelievably beautiful he faints into their arms.

Judging from the promos, it looks like musical guests 1D will have quite the chemistry with their host when they take to the Studio 8H stage on Saturday.

This marks Rudd's third time hosting the show and 1D's second appearance. The guys first appeared on the late-night show in April of 2012.

"This is our kind of show," Niall Horan told MTV News last year ahead of their debut. "This is our perfect kind of show [and] we get involved as much as we can."