Lady Gaga Straddles R. Kelly: Get A Sneak Peek At 'Do What U Want' Video

Director Terry Richardson gave Little Monsters a preview of the sexy clip on Friday.

What's in black and white and has Gaga all over him? Well, R. Kelly in the upcoming video for Lady Gaga's ARTPOP duet, "Do What U Want."

Director Terry Richardson shared a first look at the visual on Friday (December 5) and in the black-and-white photo the Mother Monster is straddling Kells in a stark white room. There aren't many props other than what appears to be a window pane and glasses on the floor.

While Gaga is wearing nothing more than a skimpy black bikini, Kelly is rocking a leather pants/kilt combo made famous by Kanye West and adopted by Justin Bieber in his "All That Matters" video.

Richardson, who recently shot Miley Cyrus' record-breaking video for "Wrecking Ball," shared only a little more info about the video on his website. "Lady Gaga and R. Kelly behind the scenes for their new music video "Do What U Want" directed by Me... coming soon!!"

Gaga has been teasing her Little Monsters about the video since releasing ARTPOP last month. "I know you're waiting for the DWUW video. Its unlike any video I've ever done. Very Personal. Just making it perfect. Exciting, #ARTPOP," she tweeted earlier this week.

Looking for some more details? Well, Gaga told MTV News at her ArtRave last month that "We had a great time. It was amazing. He's wonderful to work with... We have really great chemistry."

This is just the latest incarnation of "Do What U Want" from Gaga and Kelly after the two sexed up "Saturday Night Live" last month, with Kelly doing push-ups on Gaga. And then they put a presidential spin on the track, paying homage to JFK and Marilyn Monroe at the American Music Awards one week later.