Miley Cyrus' Freaky Friday: New Single, New Record And New Feud?

Cyrus plans to drop 'Adore You' as her next single, just as she breaks a Vevo record and is the subject of a column by Rashida Jones.

Miley Cyrus is ready to "Adore You" for her next single off Bangerz.

The emotional ballad is slated to hit radio on January 6, Billboard reports. The news comes months after the singer confessed to MTV News that it was one of the two tracks she was considering as the third release off her chart-topping October album.

"I hope 'SMS (Bangerz)' with Britney [Spears]. That would be awesome," Miley shared but she also couldn't deny her fans' adoration for the slow jam. "But also, 'Adore You' is in the top 10 right now of iTunes, which I didn't really expect, so that's really cool too."

Written by Stacy Barthe (Britney Spears, Rihanna, Katy Perry) and Orel Yoel, the latter of which also produced the track, it follows in the footsteps of the equally powerful "Wrecking Ball" as well as her party jam, "We Can't Stop."

No word yet on what the video might look like, but considering how much buzz she created with her videos for "We Can't Stop" and the very nude (and record-breaking) "Wrecking Ball," fans should probably expect the unexpected. In fact, the singer now holds the #1 and #2 most-viewed videos on Vevo for 2013, thanks to those two clips. By year's end, "Wrecking Ball" had more than 371 million views worldwide. So, "Adore You" has some big shoes to fill.

Miley's still the subject of much debate, even months after Sinead O'Connor wrote several open letters to the pop singer about her provocative image. "Parks and Recreation" star Rashida Jones cited Cyrus' sometimes controversial performances (or "cross-continental twerk-a-thon," as she called it) in an essay for Glamour.

Cyrus is one of the many pop stars she references in the article, which also included Rihanna's "Pour It Up" video as well as Nicki Minaj's NSFW Halloween costume. In the essay, she shared that she feels pop stars are sexual in a "homogenous" way and dubbed 2013 the "Year of the Very Visible Vagina."

This is not the first time Jones has expressed her viewpoints about the current state of pop star sexuality. She tweeted about it back in October, with the hashtag "#stopactinglikewhores." And, she has a message for anyone who may have misunderstood her viral critiques at the time.

"I'm not gonna lie. The fact that I was accused of 'slut-shaming,' being anti-woman, and judging women's sex lives crushed me. I consider myself a feminist. I would never point a finger at a woman for her actual sexual behavior, and I think all women have the right to express their desires. But I will look at women with influence — millionaire women who use their 'sexiness' to make money — and ask some questions," she writes in Glamour. "There is a difference, a key one, between 'shaming' and 'holding someone accountable'."