Gaming Gift Guide: For The Button Masher In Your Life

From virtual reality, to customized controllers.

The holidays are coming up and the gamer in your life isn't going to want a pair of socks... Unless those socks are actually stockings and packed with gaming goodies:

A Year's Online Subscription

Online multiplayer is a necessity in competitive games. Since it's a paid service you can go the extra mile for your gaming buddy and straight up pay for a year's worth. [$49, PS Plus. $59, Xbox Live Gold].

Gift Cards

Listen, we know that sometimes you have no clue what kind of games to buy. Your friend might have very eclectic tastes. No matter, the simple solution is a gift card for Steam, the online gaming service. [$25-50, GameStop]

Turtle Beach Ear Force XPSeven Gaming Headset

Clean, crisp sound puts you right in the middle of the game and a great pair of headphones can provide the perfect level of immersion. As a bonus, the Z Seven is wireless! [$279, Turtle Beach]

Custom Controller

Personalized gifts can have a lasting impact and nothing is more personal to a gamer than a modded controller. With a vast array of styles to choose there's a little something for everyone's tastes. [$100 and up, Gamer Modz]

Energy Snacks

Maximize your gaming time by never sleeping again. Of course some help from caffeinated gummy bears would be welcome! [$16.99 per case, Energy Gummi Bears]

Gaming T-Shirts

Everyone's a gamer nowadays so wear your gaming pride on your sleeve with these fun T-Shirts! [$14.99-29.99, Think Geek]

How To Cosplay Volume 1

Does your friend want to go the extra mile and actually become your favorite gaming persona? Then they'll need this book. [$68, Amazon]

Buster Sword Replica

So your friend finally made that Final Fantasy cosplay outfit. Now only one thing's missing: a ridiculously oversized replica sword! [$42, EBAY]

GTX Titan

If money is no object and you want your friend to have the very best in graphical power then look no further than GeForce's mythical GTX Titan graphics card. And if you're picking one up for your friend can we add us to your holiday list, please?

[$999.99, Newegg]

Oculus Rift

Gamers looking forward to the new sights and sounds of the future will want to experience virtual reality in the comfort of their home. The Oculus Rift is the perfect introduction.

[$300, Oculus VR]