'The Voice' Eliminee Reveals The 'Crazy' Thing About Christina Aguilera's Coaching

Indie rocker Matthew Schuler offers advice to his former teammate.

He made history as the first-ever four-chair turn on "The Voice." The coaches were unanimous: Matthew Schuler had "it." So you can imagine everyone's surprise when the top-six contestant was eliminated on Tuesday night's show.

Known as the "preacher's kid," Schuler admitted the "Voice" farewell won't shake his faith.

"Actually, it's made it stronger. I know everything happens for a reason," Schuler told MTV News, adding "I'm feeling all right, definitely positive. The show has given me so much. I could never leave an experience like this feeling down."

The second-youngest singer in the competition, after teammate Jacquie Lee, Schuler made his mark during the show with consistent vocals while tackling many genres. He topped the iTunes chart with his rendition of "Hallelujah." But he said that he was up against some tough competition.

"The talent on this show is amazing; everyone is so good. I definitely didn't go into this thinking 'I got this in the bag' ... I definitely gave 110 percent. I had a lot of fun."

Although Schuler has received support from all the coaches (Cee Lo Green gave him his phone number to collaborate outside of the show), the singer doesn't forget the contributions of his own coach, Christina Aguilera.

"Like, she stays up all night thinking of our song choices. It's crazy how invested she is," Schuler said of Xtina, who has Lee as her sole remaining contestant.

Of course, Schuler is Team Christina all the way for the finale, but does offer some advice for Lee as the semi-finals approach.

"Maybe connect with the audience a little more," Schuler said, "It's like she goes up there and becomes an entirely different person ... sometimes it can seem she's in there by herself and I want her to let everyone in on that ride with her."