Beyonce Wore Fox Fur To Her Meatless Lunch, Is That Vegan?

Singer spotted wearing fox to a lunch with Jay at a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles on Thursday, is that okay?

Jay Z and Beyoncé are just four days into their 22-day vegan diet, but already Bey is making waves. The super couple seem committed to "spiritual and physical" cleanse, with Beyoncé posting delicious-looking photos of her vegan mac 'n cheese and portobello mushroom salads.

Some people go vegan — a vegetarian diet that excludes all meat, eggs, dairy products or any other animal-derived ingredients — for dietary reasons. Others have an ethical component as well, which includes avoiding the use of any products tested on animals or derived from them, including fur, leather and wool.

Jay never specified what his "spiritual" reason was for giving up burgers and foie gras through Christmas. But when he was joined by Bey on Thursday for a flesh-free lunch at the Westwood, Los Angeles, vegan spot Native Foods, her choice of outfits raised some eyebrows.

You see, according to a photo, Beyoncé strode into Native Foods wearing quilted black pants, what looked like leather boots and a camo jacket with a fox fur collar.

The paper said the singer was sporting a $4,800 Christopher Kane wool-blend parka with a real fur collar, which, in strictest vegan terms is a double faux pas. The couple reportedly dined on a marinated kale salad, Indian curried lentils and corn tacos with chipotle butternut squash, before enjoying vegan chocolate truffles for dessert.