Jay Z Ranked All Of His Albums, But Do Fans, Critics Agree?

MTV News polled Jay's fans to see if they agreed with his birthday album ranking. See what they had to say.

Jay Z took some time on his birthday to rank his own albums from #1 to #12, which prompted fans to debate Hov's list and share their own rankings on Wednesday. MTV News decided to make it official with a poll to find out which album fans would vote into the #1 spot — and if they agreed with the Brooklyn-bred rapper.

Jay's 1996 independent debut Reasonable Doubt took the top spot on his list followed by The Blueprint and The Black Album at #2 and #3, respectively. His latest release Magna Carta Holy Grail came in at the #6 spot, while his 2006 album Kingdom Come rounded out the very bottom of the list.

Looks like fans agreed with Hov for the first three picks, with 30 percent voting Reasonable Doubt into the top spot, while The Blueprint landed at #2 with 23 percent of the votes and The Black Album rounded out the top three with 21percent. His latest album Magna Carta Holy Grail only garnered about 5 percent of the votes and Kingdom Come was also low on the fan list with about 1 percent of the votes.

Jay Z's longtime engineer Young Guru was in agreement with his boss and the fans, also ranking Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, and The Black Album at the top of the list.

And while Jay's fans and his own camp agreed with his picks, according to Metacritic, music critics had some different opinions on the matter, ranking The Blueprint at #1, with The Black Album as a close second, and American Gangster coming in at #3. Surprisingly, Kingdom Come made it to #5 on the list, while Magna Carta Holy Grail slid down to #8.