Want A Preview Of What Kendrick's Next Album Could Sound Like? Listen Now

K-Dot and mentor Dr. Dre cook up a new track in latest Beats commercial.

It's been over a year since Kendrick Lamar dropped his critically acclaimed, platinum-selling good kid, m.A.A.d city, and fans have been getting antsy for some new material. Up until now, K-Dot has only talked about starting his GKMC follow-up, but now fans are getting a little taste of what the next album may sound like, thanks to a new Beats By Dr. Dre commercial.

The 90-second clip premiered on YouTube Wednesday and features Lamar and his mentor, Dr. Dre, in the studio cooking up a new tune. "I rap with a pyrex in the projects/ I'm crack in a pot, I'm a prospect," Kendrick spits over a booming track that Dre cues up for him.

Lamar doesn't get too far into his verse before he stops short. "Hold up, stop the track," he tells Dre as he removes a pair of the popular headphones from his ears and jumps away from the mic. "I ain't feeling it, the energy ain't there. I like the first take better than the second take but overall, the energy, I don't know."

A patient Dr. Dre then prescribes a little down time for the rapper who has in real life been omnipresent this year, from festivals to awards shows. "Take it home, sleep on it. We've been here a long time," the production guru instructs.

After Lamar takes some time and presumably sleeps, he takes the track and his Beats Pill speaker to his local barbershop to audition the work-in-progress for his buddies before the impromptu listening sessions is interrupted by a phone call. "Hey, I got it," Dre says over speakerphone, which sends the good kid rushing out of the barbershop in a mad dash.

"I figured it out, drums," Dre says when Kendrick returns to the studio.

With a beefed-up version of the original beat, Kendrick hits the mic and nails his take and gives fans a brief snippet of the new schizophrenic-sounding track. With any luck, it's our first taste of K-Dot's next album.