'Sound of Music Live!' Leaves Viewers Wondering 'Why?'

Mixed reactions flood the Internet after Thursday night's NBC special.

To say the reactions to the "Sound of Music Live!" have been mixed is an understatement. While some fans feel that Carrie Underwood wasn't the right choice to tackle the lead role of Maria in the musical, others applauded the country star for tackling the iconic role made most famous by Julie Andrews.

Many fans wondered why NBC, which aired the live production of the Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein's musical Thursday night, decided to remake it. @abcdeezy added, "If the original is good, don't redo it. Ahem, sound of music, ahem." (It's unclear if they are referring to the 1959 stage version, which the movie is based on, or the 1965 Oscar-winning picture starring Andrews and Christopher Plummer.)

Little has been said about the performances of "True Blood" actor Stephen Moyer as Captain von Trapp, or the supporting cast, including Broadway vets Audra McDonald, Laura Benanti and Christian Borle, but Underwood's performance has come under a lot of scrutiny since the special aired.

"Is 'Sound of Music Live' moved yet? Can Carrie Underwood take a few more acting lessons before bit ends?" @Kokomoschmoe tweeted. ‏@jsrpopcorn added, "The Sound of Music was somewhat enjoyable. They should have picked someone that can act for the role of Maria. Carrie Underwood was terrible."

"@TroyMay1 noted, "Carrie Underwood's singing in the Sound of Music was wonderful, but her acting needs improvement. Love you Carrie!!! #OrangeRoom"

Underwood had very little professional acting experience ahead of the performance and fans like ‏@matuson felt her celebrity wasn't enough to help her carry the role, writing, "Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music was painful to watch. Your name will only take you so far."

But, she did have her supporters. ‏@JCsingerboy wrote, "Sound of music live... Acting was a bit strained by Carrie.... But then again what other big name could have done it? I couldn't think of 1."

"Does anyone else have post concert depression from The Sound of Music last night or is it just me? Can't get over how amazing Carrie was," @PeaceLoveLadyA shared. @duffdog75 added, "Really impressed with @carrieunderwood and the production of The Sound of Music last night. #SoundofMusicLive."

Regardless of Underwood, other viewers just enjoyed watching the beloved musical. "The movie sound of music with Julie Andrews is my favorite, however this live version on stage of it was amazing!!" @spirit806 tweeted. ‏@sek11285m added, "It's true. Sound of Music Live wasn't that gr8. No comparison 2 the origl play & nothing beats seeing it live but I give them pts 4 trying."

Other viewers, like @kevinrfree, found some humor in the whole endeavor, writing, "The only thing I'll say about #SoundOfMusic is that, with all its problems, it was much better than any episode of #SMASH."