Kanye West's Newest Alter-Ego? 'The Straight, Black Liberace'

Actress Aisha Tyler knows what's behind 'Ye's string of outbursts: A brand-new alter ego.

Sway might not have the answers, but Aisha Tyler thinks she does.

During a Wednesday night appearance on "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," the star of "The Talk" (and "Archer" — January can't come soon enough!) was asked about her thoughts on the Kardashians, though inevitably, the conversation quickly turned to Kanye West's recent run of rants.

And though most of America has been left scratching their heads by West's outbursts — or, at least what's inspired them — Tyler thinks she's figured out what's happening: 'Ye's undergone some sort of mysterious transformation.

"I'm friendly with Kanye, he had a charity foundation that was focused on bringing music into schools and helping kids learn, [and] he is [very talented], but he's abandoned all that in favor of being the straight, black Liberace," she said. "And I don't understand what's happening."

So far, Kanye has refrained from weighing in on that assessment, though we don't see him adopting the moniker any time soon — let's face it, "Straight, black Liberace" doesn't have the same zing as "The Michael Jordan of Music" or "Steve of Internet" — but Tyler let it be known that she's still a massive fan of West's music. She just hopes he'll start thinking before he speaks; shoot, there's probably an app for that.

"I respect him as an artist and I like his ambition," she said. "But I just feel like he should get a smart phone, and then say everything he's going to say in public into the phone and then just listen back, just for a moment."