Gal Gadot Is Wonder Woman: The Internet Reacts

The best tweets on Gal Gadot's casting in 'Batman vs. Superman'.

Though the news that Israeli actress Gal Gadot has been cast as the first film iteration of classic DC Comics' character Wonder Woman ever in the still untitled "Man of Steel" sequel is mere hours old, that's forever in Internet time. Which means we've already gone through the cycle of straight news, backlash, backlash the backlash, and acceptance in less time than it will actually take to watch the movie.

Here's a selection of the best and most ridiculous Twitter reactions, as well as how the opinions on Gadot's casting break down:

So Excited That You Forget How To Spell

Cautiously Praised By Comic Book Writers

Pounced On By Opportunists

Annoyance At Your Third Billing


Complaints About You Not Having Wonder Woman's "Figure"

And Backlash To That Backlash

...Though It Could Have Been "Worse"

And As Always, End On Robert Liefeld

The "Man Of Steel" sequel will hit theaters on July 17, 2015.