Ariana Grande Asks Santa For 'Snow In California': Listen Now

The singer hopes for a cozy night with her long-distance love on latest Christmas track.

Let it snow! Ariana Grande just wants to stay in with a long-distance lover on her latest Christmas tune, "Snow In California."

The singer dropped the track Tuesday (December 3) as the latest installment in her weekly holiday series. "Snow In California" is one of the original tunes penned for the series, which also includes her covers of signature Christmas tracks, like Wham!'s 1984 classic "Last Christmas." The songs will be collected in a four-song EP.

"Snow In California" is a ballad where Grande wishes to get snowed in so that her boy doesn't get on a flight and leave her. "Can you just make it snow in California?/ I'll even settle for rain/ Don't want him to go tomorrow morning/ Give me something to make him stay," she sings to Santa.

Shortly after releasing the song, her fans connected with the track's message and vibe. @NikcoleBi3b3r wrote, "#SnowInCalifornia is absolute perfection. My favorite Christmas song from her EP by far."

Meanwhile, @shiningbutera added, "I'm IN LOVE with this song. The lyrics, Ariana's vocals, everything about Snow In California is so soothing & amazing."

@iLooveArianaa mirrored that sentiment, tweeting, "I love how sweet and mellow and beautiful it is #SnowInCalifornia."

After releasing "Snow In California," "Last Christmas" and "Love is Everything," she's got one more track lined up — her cover of 1953's ultra-feminine Christmas classic "Santa Baby," which has been recorded by everyone from Eartha Kitt to Taylor Swift to the Pussycat Dolls to even Michael Bublé.

There is one track that Grande has declared too sacred to cover: Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas." She has declared the track "untouchable" to MTV News. But, she hasn't been shy about penning lyrics for her own original Christmas tunes.

She added, "You just write about your feelings and throw in a fireplace here and there, a sensible mistletoe lyric, and you got it."