Justin Bieber Gets Cozy With A Blonde In 'All That Matters'

The Colin Tilley-directed clip hit the web on Monday (December 2).

Justin Bieber has found a fresh object of his affection in the new music video for "All That Matters."

Bieber croons, seduces and goes shirtless alongside a pretty young thing in the dimly lit, Colin Tilley-directed clip, which the singer unveiled Monday (December 2). Hours earlier, Bieber also released a brand new song titled "Change Me" as part of Music Mondays, in which the 19-year-old debuts one new song each week leading up to the Christmas release of his new documentary, "Believe."

In typical Biebs fashion, the singer's Twitter account was abuzz with chatter leading up to the video's release. "#AllThatMattersMusicVideo tonight at 7pm est. a lot of things u aren't expecting are happening this month :)" he posted earlier in the day, followed by a subsequent countdown of tweets.

But if he thinks fans are "not expecting" more sexually charged anthems and declarations of his newfound adulthood — um, they are.

"Believe," directed by "Never Say Never" helmer Jon Chu, follows the teen sensation as he attempts to grow up in the spotlight, recording new music, touring the world and facing his critics.

"When he makes a mistake, he realizes it," Chu previously told MTV News. "And he corrects himself and he is open to people telling him, 'You made a mistake.' But at the same time he's not doing ... all these things that people interpret aren't what they are. And I think you get some of those true stories and you get to experience from his side sometimes what actually happens.

Justin Bieber's 'Believe' Director Knows He's Not 'Perfect'

"It's crazy how fast we get our information now and how inaccurate it can be sometimes. So we get to explore a little bit of that. Not saying he's a perfect kid, but he's a good kid. This is why I would do this movie."