Miley, Gaga & Drake: 11 Amazing Cyber Monday Deals

MTV News rounds up a list of the best deals on the top albums of 2013.

Now that you've finished gorging yourself on turkey, stuffing and family-induced shame, it's time for a whole different kind of consumption: Buying things! Yup, it's Cyber Monday, which means the Web is replete with deals. Instead of glutting on electronics and Christmas handicrafts, however, might we suggest sating your already blackened soul with something a bit more humanity-inducing? Like music, perhaps?

MTV News has assembled some of the best deals below. Start accumulating now, as 2014 is practically banging down the door with future bangerz.

ARTPOP, Lady Gaga

You can nab Lady Gaga's newest, most out-there CD for $6.99 today. That definitely deserves some "Applause."

Bangerz, Miley Cyrus

Miley's newest CD is up for grabs for $8.39 today. That certainly won't hit your wallet like a "Wrecking Ball."

PRISM, Katy Perry

Perry may have delivered her newest CD via a golden truck, but today PRISM is on the chopping block for just $7.99. Makes you want to "Roar," huh?

Reflektor, Arcade Fire

You can get all analog when you buy Arcade Fire's Reflektor today on vinyl for 15 percent off. Take that, reflective age.

Stars Dance, Selena Gomez

You could be listening to Selena's new jams right now — they're available for download for just $1.99. Dare we say come and get it?

The Marshall Mathers LP2, Eminem

$6.99 for the new Eminem? This "Rap God" has answered our prayers.

Yeezus, Kanye West

Get a piece of this creative genius for just $1.99 per album download today. No word on where those damn croissants are, though.

Days Are Gone, HAIM

The days might be gone, but HAIM's CD is in stock — for $7.19.

The Bones of What You Believe, Chvrches

Get Chvrches' debut record — on vinyl, even — for target="_blank">$14.43 today. A retro format for their retro sound.

Save Rock and Roll, Fall Out Boy

Save rock and roll — and money — by downloading Fall Out Boy's latest offering for $1.99.

Nothing Was the Same, Drake

Start practicing your Starbucks Drake Hands routine today, as Drizzy's newest is on sale for $8.39. We've got our eye on you, shiny CD.