'Bad Bitch' Alert: Miley And Lil' Kim Teaming Up On New Track

Kim announces a new Hard Core 2K 13 track will feature her 'bestie,' Miley Cyrus.

At this point, there's less than a month remaining in 2013, meaning it's entirely possible Lil' Kim may have to change the title of her oft-delayed Hard Core 2K 13 mixtape ... though this time, at least we know the reason it's been pushed back: Miley Cyrus.

Yes, while most of us were still digesting that Thanksgiving turkey, Kim took to Twitter to apologize yet again for 2K 13's tardiness ... and offer a mea culpa, in the form of three bonus tracks, including the aptly-tiled "Bad Bitch," which features her good pal Miley.

Cyrus, of course, paid homage to Kim's famous 1999 VMA outfit at Halloween, a look that earned raves from Kim herself:

"She did me very well. I think she looked gorgeous. I love her; she's one of my besties," she told MTV News."She's like my bestie-slash-wifey. You know what's so funny? As soon as she tweeted the picture, she texted me and was like she was like, 'Happy Halloween, babe!' ... I think she did me well."

And now, the two are together on a track. We still haven't heard it, but in the meantime, Kim gave fans a sneak peek at another 2K 13 song, "Kimmy Blanco," which is available for download now. She also recently sent Miley birthday wishes, and she's been showing love to Ed Sheeran, too, so who knows ... maybe he'll show up on 2K 13.

Or 2K 14, depending on when the mixtape is actually released.