Paul Walker: New Details Offer Possible Explanation For Deadly Crash

Authorities are now looking for a reason behind the accident that took the 'Fast & Furious' star's life.

In the days since Paul Walker’s tragic death, both fans and the authorities have been eager to know just what caused the car crash that took the life of the “Fast & Furious” star.

While there’s no official explanation for Saturday’s crash in Santa Clarita, California, some of the people close to Walker and the driver of the vehicle, professional racer Roger Rodas, offered speculative answers to TMZ.

The gossip site reported that a source connected to Always Evolving — the custom auto shop that Rodas owned and that Walker held a stake in — theorized that a steering fluid leak could have led to the fiery crash. The source claimed to have seen evidence of a leak on the road just short of the wreckage and tire marks that suggest the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT didn’t swerve out of control, but took a more direct path to the tree and concrete lamp post that it hit.

This account, however, conflicts with the crash site description from the Los Angeles Times, which mention “looping tire tracks” that “were visible on the asphalt.” The paper reported that investigators were looking into the skid marks to determine whether they were caused by the car that Walker and Rodas rode in.

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