Justin Bieber Wants To Right Wrongs On New Track 'Change Me'

The latest Music Mondays project drops with just weeks until 'Believe' hits theaters.

Justin Bieber hasn't been shy during his Music Mondays series, and now, he's slowing it down and keeping it just as candid for his latest emotional ballad, "Change Me."

Bieber's Music Mondays tracks have mostly been about Bieber's romantic life, and this new song is no different. On the piano-driven slow jam, the pop superstar wonders if a special girl is the one thing that can make him a better person. He sings, "Maybe you could be the light/ That opens up my eyes/ Make all my wrongs right/ Change me, change me."

Later on, as the sparse beat kicks in, he sings, "Take a chance/ Make a difference in my life."

After the 19-year-old kicked it funky last week with his more up-tempo track, "Roller Coaster," Bieber's slowed-down musical confessions has his Beliebers swooning with delight. @justinsxbibble wrote, "I love how Justin shares his feelings threw his music. It's like music is his escape where he can just put his emotions into it. #changeme."

@biebtxstic added, "i love how justin trusts us and is telling personal things that had made him feel, you know? #changeme."

Another fan, @l3ieberKingdom, added "It's so beautiful and meaningful. It's like he's speaking to my soul. I LOVE IT #ChangeMe."

The Music Mondays songs have been released in the lead-up to his next movie, "Believe," out on Christmas Day. Directed by "Never Say Never" director Jon Chu, the film will follow Bieber as he tours the world, records new music and takes on his biggest critics.

"When he makes a mistake, he realizes it," Chu told MTV News. "And he corrects himself and he is open to people telling him, 'You made a mistake.' But at the same time he's not doing ... all these things that people interpret aren't what they are. And I think you get some of those true stories and you get to experience from his side sometimes what actually happens.

"It's crazy how fast we get our information now and how inaccurate it can be sometimes. So we get to explore a little bit of that. Not saying he's a perfect kid, but he's a good kid. This is why I would do this movie."