'Walking Dead' Predictions: The Governor Is 'Too Far Gone'

War comes to the prison once again as the Governor rides a tank to the front gate! Is it too late for escape for Rick and his fellow inmates?

War is coming to "The Walking Dead" — yes, again.

Round two of the epic Woodbury versus Prison showdown is on its way with tonight's midseason finale, titled "Too Far Gone." There are some notable changes in the match-up this time, of course. The prisoners are better-armed and trained, albeit rather sick at the moment. Woodbury is burned to ash, but the Governor has a new camp and new people to fight for. But just like last season's climactic battle between the two communities, tonight's skirmish is bound to leave some heads on the field.

So, who's going to die? And how? Read on for our predictions on all that and more.

Prediction #1: Hershel Will Die

He's right next to Michonne, firmly in the Governor's sights at the moment. Somebody needs to die in order to bring some weight to tonight's encounter — a series regular, not just some willy-nilly guest star. Hershel was front and center in "Internment" a couple of weeks ago, so the character already had something of a sendoff if he does indeed die tonight. Sadly, I think it's he's in the wrong place at the wrong time right now.

Prediction #2: Heads Will Roll

As for how Hershel will die? In the comic books, a certain character I won't name here loses his life in grisly fashion, right around the point in the story we're currently at on the show. Here's my bet: Hershel is about to take that unnamed character's place in an upcoming meeting with a certain iconic weapon. In other words, I think the writers will riff on one of the most famous deaths from the "Walking Dead" comic books, and give it to Hershel instead of the character who dies in the source material. If I'm right, it won't be pretty.

Prediction #3: Lilly Will Die

When it comes to war, casualties occur on both sides of the battle-line. Someone from the Governor's camp has to die, and I'm not just talking about arbitrary red-shirts — of course we'll lose some of those. No, we need to lose somebody important to the Governor, someone he loves, someone he can't imagine living without. Right now, Lilly fills that spot. Her death would send the Governor's crazy-train zooming along even faster than its current pace. On top of that, it allows Rick and the Governor's stories to mirror each other even more than they already do. If Lilly dies, then both men will have lost loved ones with first names beginning with the letter L. Symmetry! It's a thing!

Prediction #4: The Sick Will Fall

Showrunner Scott Gimple has said that the midseason finale will resolve stories that dominated the early portion of the season — I assume that includes the plague that rocked the prison for so many episodes. Even with medicine now circulating throughout the prison, the infected will still have a ways to go before they're back on their feet. But with the Governor right outside their front door, there's not going to be a lot of time for recovery. I anticipate that more than a few of the patients will die in the coming struggle, perhaps people as important as Glenn or Sasha.

Prediction #5: The Cliffhanger Will Suck

Well, that's misleading. I'm not predicting that the cliffhanger will suck as a scene, or as a moment in the show. It's going to suck because it's going to be a sucker-punch way to close out these first eight episodes, and leave us hanging on the edge of our seats until the show returns in February. Have some Kleenex handy for tonight's episode, and maybe steal a bottle of Bob's booze (if you're legal!) while you're at it. "The Walking Dead" is about to get very, very dark.

What do you think will happen on tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead"? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below!