How ‘Frozen’ Is Actually About Your Thanksgiving Weekend

MTV News breaks down the soundtrack and how it tells us everything about Turkey Day.

Forget about the turkey and pie, this long weekend is all about “Frozen.” (OK, yes, it’s also about pie, mostly pie, but also about the latest and greatest animated Disney musical.)

Since Disney and Pixar said their vows and made their union official, the Mouse House has grown up its musicals some, winking at and somewhat subverting the girl-meets-prince formula of old. “Frozen” ups the ante on both the royal count (two princesses and a prince!) and the progressive themes (many reviewers have raised the possibility that Princess Elsa’s natural-born powers that she’s told to hide are a metaphor for gay kids oppressing their sexuality). The movie will undoubtedly kill at the box office, what with the family-centric holiday and long weekend, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

Let’s talk about how the soundtrack for “Frozen” is actually a metaphor for your Thanksgiving.

The earworm-y playlist, with the lead voice roles sung by Idina Menzel (who proved her chops onstage and onscreen in “Rent,” originated the role of Elphaba in “Wicked” and also appeared on something we’re told is called “Glee”), Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars majored in opera performance, who knew?), Jonathan Groff (need we even say?) and Josh Gad (“The Book of Mormon,” fools!) is now on Spotify for your listening pleasure, so grab your headphones and turn it up while you read up on our theory that this noise is more about sweet potatoes than princesses.

’Frozen Heart’

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