One Direction Fill In The Blank: 'The Last Little White Lie I Told Was _____'

1D answer some of MTV News' burning questions... with song titles.

In case you didn't hear, One Direction released Midnight Memories this week. Their latest album has fans squealing with delight, so we wanted to find out more about what gets the guys excited.

1D opened up to MTV News about their favorite songs on the album, and we challenged them to a little game. The guys dug into a fish bowl and pulled fill-in-the-blank questions at random. We told them they had to answer them.

The batch of burning questions ranged from queries about pumping iron, music and keeping it honest, like: "My most scandalous 'Midnight Memory' was when I [blank]?"; "To get 'Strong' I [blank] at the gym?"; "Midnight Memories will be better than [blank]?"; and "The last 'Little White Lie(s)' I told was [blank]?"

What did they share? Click the embedded video to find out what they had to say for themselves!