There's Something Dark Afoot In Sky Ferreira's 'Night Time, My Time' Video

The singer dropped the video for her David Lynch-inspired title track.

Sky Ferreira busts out some sexy, sad moves that would put Audrey Horne to shame in her new video for "Night Time, My Time," a track that was inspired by director David Lynch's "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk."

"I feel like it just kind of summed up the record in some weird way even though it doesn't even sound like any of the songs," Ferreira told MTV News of the track, which is also the title of her debut LP. "At least where my head was when I shot the album cover and when I finished recording everything and as I was writing the majority of the record, I think that was the headspace I was at, was that song."

"I actually named it after 'Fire Walk With Me,' like 'Twin Peaks,' like Laura Palmer," she added, referring to how she integrated lines spoken between murdered beauty Laura Palmer and her friend Donna Hayward in the 1992 film into the jam.

The headspace Ferreira referred to must be a dark one, if the video is any indication. The song itself is one of darker tracks on the singer's dance-y debut, not only lyrically (I wouldn't feel anything/ When we burst into dust forever), but also aurally. It's a lazy, tense, slowly decaying track — and the video provides the perfect visuals.

Not much happens throughout — Ferreira undulates in lingerie on a racecar bed, ambles in lingerie in front of a slowly moving car, and lazy lip-syncs in a red wig and, you guessed it, lingerie — but there's an air of menace underneath it all.

Maybe it's the brief flashes of her sopping wet face — a nod to her nude-in-the-shower album cover or something darker — or just the overall physical darkness of the vid, but we're guessing something bad is afoot. We would venture to say the whole deal, which also features a dark-wigged Ferreira bucking on a rocking horse, is down-right Lynchian.

Given that she named her song and record after the work of the famous and out-there director, that comparison doesn't really surprise us.

Ferreira also told MTV News that if she could work with anyone, musically or cinematically, she would work with Lynch. Might we suggest adding this video to your reel, Sky? You're halfway there.