Miley Cyrus Steals The Show In 'Feelin' Myself' Video

Futuristic clip also features Wiz Khalifa and French Montana. is one of the most famous music makers on the planet. But when you invite Miley Cyrus to your party, well, you have to expect that she's going to pull some, if not all, of the attention away from you when she's on camera rapping about "popping molly."

That's exactly the case in the just-dropped video for will's single "Feelin' Myself," which appears on the new deluxe edition of the Black Eyed Peas mastermind's solo album, #willpower.

The futuristic clip, which also features Wiz Khalifa and French Montana, is the latest example of Cyrus' budding MC skills, which she shows off in the video, along with her signature vocals on the song's hook.

The party starts with will and Miley posing on an all-black background as red geometric shapes flutter behind them. Miley joins him dressed in a black leather bra, matching high-waisted shorts, heels and a gold-chain pattern Chanel jacket.

"We be in the club, bottles on deck/And goddamit, goddamit I'm feeling myself," Will and Miley sing in unison, as the BEP boss switches through a series of fly outfits while "Terminator"-style digital graphics flash over his body. Montana's verse finds him hanging in the club, proving his swag by fanning a giant stack of bills and making it rain in his digital playground.

"I made it to the top cuz I do it fly," Will raps over the spare, bouncy bass beat. "Feelin' f---in' lucky like the f---in' Irish/I see the whole game from my third iris/I tour the whole world like a dirty pirate/To give my whole club some Miley Cyrus."

Standing in the middle of an infinity shot of red pyramids, Miley does her thing, twerking out her NSFW bars about late, fuzzy nights. "Now everybody trippin' like they poppin' molly/Up in the club is where you find me," she raps. "I do it real big never do it tiny/If you 'bout the bulls--- don't remind me."

The ode to looking in the mirror and liking what you see also includes some verses from Khalifa about, what else? Hitting the club with paper, bottles and his usual party supplies. By the end all four artists are bouncing around together on the futurescape before their images disappear like a TV turning off.