Britney Spears Streams Britney Jean On iTunes: Get Your Heels On

It's personal, but that doesn't mean Britney's December 3 release is sappy.

Britney Spears has been relatively tight-lipped about her eighth studio album, apart from one point she's driven home harder than her "Work Bitch" Lamborghini: Britney Jean is personal.

And while the word "personal" may have brought the hapless "Lucky" video to the minds of diehard Britney fans, they were thrown for a bit of a crazy and club-ready loop when Britney started streaming Britney Jean over at iTunes eight days before its official release.

In fact, most of the tracks sound like a wild night out, but it's when you dig under all the reverb and EDM beats that you hear that Britney Jean really is coming from her heart — one beating at 500 miles an hour.

The whole boisterous thing starts with the William Orbit-produced "Alien," an anthem that piles on more and more reverb as Britney sheds feelings of alienation and realizes that "the light in your eyes lets me know I'm not alone."

More on the "Work Bitch" side of things are "Tik Tik Bom" featuring T.I. — which begs an unidentified Mr. to "Baby make me tik, tik, tik, tik, boom" — the ode to dancing "Body Ache" and impenitently bass-heavy kiss-off "Til It's Gone."

Then there's the insecurity-filled (but altogether badass) "Perfume," which finds Britney questioning if there's another woman, and hoping "she smells my perfume." And while the opening guitar strums and syrupy sweet lyrics of "Chillin With You" — which Britney recruited little sister Jamie Lynn for — may sound like an afternoon on the porch, it builds into something just as wild as the rest of Britney Jean.

So before you listen, be sure to have your heels ready.

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