Are The Stars In One Direction's Favor? We Ask A Psychic

As 1D's new album Midnight Memories is released, Licorice Root gazes into the boys' futures.

After months of waiting — and one seriously epic live stream — One Direction's Midnight Memories is finally here! Despite all its blinding glory, however, we are still not sated — as there is no longer anything to look forward to. To remedy the ache that this new lack of anticipation has left behind, we took it upon ourselves to start looking forward — way forward. Yup, we've enlisted esteemed psychic Licorice Root to gaze into the guys' — and the album's — futures.

It's a common misconception that we mystics lounge all day to the sounds of whale calls, binaural beats and ancient chants. But sometimes some pop music is in order to get the psychic juices flowing, and if that pop is sung by some British babes, that's all the better. Let's get to know the men of One Direction by taking a peek at their astrological makeup, and let's pull a card to see which direction One Direction will go in upon the release of Midnight Memories.

Meet The Boys

Let's start with the one and only air sign in the group, Harry Styles, whose birth chart describes him as a humanitarian. He has the Sun, Venus and Mars in Aquarius, and the Moon in Libra. He simply can't be happy unless you're happy. He finds safety and security in knowing everyone is feeling alright, and I'm willing to bet he's lost a night or two of sleep pondering the world's problems and how he can help fix them. With Gemini rising, Styles has an abundance of the Air element in his chart, making him an excellent communicator and giving him a sharp sense of justice.

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The rest of the boys are as earthy as it gets! Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson are both Capricorns, which speaks to their hard working attitude and persistence in achieving their goals. Their natal charts do reveal some interesting differences between these two: Louis is rather talkative for a Capricorn, but does maintain the Capricorn archetype quite well in his love for the old and the antique. If it's traditional, ancient or rusting at the bottom of the sea in a pirate ship, he'll take it. On a personal level, Zayn is a little more mysterious than chatty Louis. He's also a bit more future-oriented, preferring a space suit over the ancient treasures than Tomlinson adores.

Liam Payne and Niall Horan are both Virgos, perfectionists and totally absorbed in their work. They're both tricksters, and these two are the most likely to party hard. Over the years, we can expect Liam to be the Phoenix; like so many pop stars before him, he will truly embrace shedding his old skin to take on a new artistic direction. Niall has a compulsive need to go bigger and better creatively as well, but rather than taking on a new image or sound, he's more likely to shock and awe with context and lyrics.

What's In The Stars?

So which direction is One Direction going in now? Their album Midnight Memories has been released during an astrological sweet spot. Mercury is no longer in retrograde, and Venus has yet to slow down and begin its reversed journey through the sign of Capricorn. The Moon is in Virgo, promising this album has been perfect, finished like a crystal in a rock tumbler.

The Sun is in Sagittarius, which is always an ideal time for publishing or releasing a body of work. Mercury in Scorpio and Venus in Capricorn are dancing together in the sky, Mercury sharing with Venus how to best express her feelings, and Venus is letting Mercury in on a few ways to be especially seductive. This album has been released during a peaceful time in the sky, so much so that it almost makes me wonder: One Direction, who is your astrologer?

What's In The Cards?

What does the Tarot have to say for the men of One Direction? The cards are our compass, and it appears that the energy they have to work with is the Star. And no, I'm not joking, I really pulled the Star for these stars.

The Star is the card of inspiration and invention, a good omen that dreams will be accomplished and new doors will open. It's very likely that their album following Midnight Memories will have a totally new sound. On a personal level, it's fair to say that one, some or all of the members will begin mentoring in some way, reaching out to those who want to accomplish their dreams and teaching them the tools they need to move forward.

The common theme in all these men's natal charts is how incredibly motivated they are and how they have taken initiative in most every situation they have encountered. Hard work does pay off — it must. It's the law of the cosmos. And with the current lovely planetary conditions, now may be a good time to be proud of your accomplishments, just as 1D are.