Exclusive: Lil Bub Breaks Silence On Miley's Cat-roversial AMA Performance

The Internet cat opens up to MTV News about how Cyrus jacked her style.

Miley Cyrus' kittenish musical guest wasn't the only cat to get emotional during the singer's AMA performance Sunday (November 24). Internet famous cat Lil Bub was also brimming with feelings, the most overwhelming being annoyance that Cyrus felt the need to bite her style.

"Hello. It's me BUB," the famous feline said in an email to MTV News. "A couple months ago I was shocked when Miley stole my facial expression. As if that wasn't bad enough, in her most recent performance, it's obvious that she's trying to steal my motto — 'to always be naked' except she's only 'almost' naked, and it's not nearly as endearing."

Bub is referring to Cyrus' AMA performance, in which she took the stage to sing "Wrecking Ball" while kitted out in a kind of cat bikini and accompanied by a giant, floating kitty projection that wept and sang the song along with her.

Bub's signature expression — in case you haven't had access to the Internet this past year — refers to her tongue, which is more often than not protruding from her mouth. Miley, as we know, also enjoys licking the air.

Although not a singer herself, Bub is a very music-oriented cat, having won the award for Our Favorite Musical Cat during the most recent O Music Awards, producing Kelley Deal's new single and appearing in music videos with the likes of Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson.

"At least there was a giant tiny cat to distract me," Bub added, speaking about Miley's feline-replete performance. "Although I wish it was singing a Captain Beefheart song instead."

What do you think: Was Miley cribbing Bub's style? Or is this kitty just being catty?