'Walking Dead' Burning Questions: Will The Governor Pull The Trigger?

With Michonne firmly in his sights, is the Governor finally about to get some vengeance? And what's he going to do with that tank?

The Governor is back. Technically, he's been back for three episodes now, going by the name "Brian Heriot." But in the latest episode of "The Walking Dead," titled "Dead Weight," Heriot all but died at the hands of the Governor, as he began a rampage that claimed two lives (rest in pieces, Martinez and Pete) and promises to claim even more now that the prison is firmly in sight. With a veritable army of survivors under his command and the prison just outside his front-porch, it's time for the Governor's comeback to take a certain shade of red — beginning with the blood of some fan-favorite characters, by the look of it.

So, who's about to die? Who will the Governor kill next? Let's dive into all that and more in our weekly dose of burning questions.

1. Is Michonne About To Die?

It certainly looks that way, given that "Dead Weight" ended with the Governor holding a gun out at the self-made samurai, albeit from a decent distance away. But "The Walking Dead" won't do away one of its most popular and iconic characters just like that, right? Perhaps Michonne's days are numbered, but she's not going out via cowardly assassination. She demands a more epic demise than that.

2. Is Hershel About To Die?

Now, this guy, I'm worried about. He's right next to Michonne. If things take an immediate ugly turn, the one-legged farmer might not limp away from danger quickly enough. Hershel enjoyed the spotlight back in episode five, which, in retrospect, might have been the writers' way of saying goodbye. If a main character bites the dust in next week's midseason finale, my money is on Mr. Greene, sad to say.

3. Did Martinez Have To Die?

I mean, I get why the Governor killed him. I don't like it, but I get it. He knew too much about the true story of "Brian Heriot," and the Governor couldn't risk letting that information get back to his newfound family. It's sociopath math, people. That said, I'm bummed to lose Martinez as a character. I wanted the Daryl-Martinez showdown teased in last season's "Arrow in the Doorpost." I wanted more Jose Pablo Cantillo. Great actor, great character. Sad to see him go, but if it means we get more Kirk Acevedo on television, I suppose it's a sacrifice that must be made.

4. Are Previous Subplots About To Die?

The Governor is about to attack the prison just as the virus is dying down, just as the Carol news is about to break ... that's a lot of balls up in the air. Depending on how swift the Governor is with his assault, there might not be time to deal with the full extent of the Carol fallout. The virus storyline might be another matter, considering the rough shape some of these characters are in. (Looking at you, Glenn ol' boy.) Either way, even if the virus and Carol stories don't die, expect them to play second fiddle to next week's main thrust: the Governor's people versus the prison people.

5. Are We About To Die?

Next week is the midseason finale. After that, no new "Walking Dead" until February. As war ramps up, there's no way the bloodshed ends with next week's episode. There is too much action, too much invested, for the confrontation to tidy up in one single 43-minute episode of television. In other words, blood will flow throughout the finale, but it'll stop short of resolution. It'll end with a hell of a cliffhanger. And that. Will. Be. Unbearable. As ready as I am for next week, I am not prepared for the coming hiatus. I'm sure I'm not alone.

What did you think of the latest "Walking Dead" episode? Do you mourn Martinez? Are you shocked at the Governor's brutality? Let us know in the comments below!