Justin Bieber Takes Wild Love Ride On Funky 'Roller Coaster'

Bieber's latest 'Music Mondays' song picks up the tempo with a rubbery 1970s feel.

What goes up must come down, and on the latest offering from Justin Bieber's "Music Mondays" series, the singer's love life takes another wild, unpredictable ride. After suffering through a "Bad Day" and promising that he's not "All Bad," Bieber's latest is another lament about a love lost.

"Roller coaster, roller coaster/Spinning all around and around for a world baby," Bieber sings over a rubbery 1970s-style funk groove and burping bass line. "Roller coaster, roller coaster/For a minute we were up, but the next we were falling down."

The song follows last week's lusty slow jam with R. Kelly, the all-grown up ballad "PYD,"
 which found the two singers talking about their bedroom expertise
 over a spare, sexy groove.

Beliebers were really feeling the mixed-up feel of the song, the eighth in the series of weekly tracks. "#rollercoaster is so different to all the songs from #musicmondays I love it, it's on replay, so proud of my baby," wrote a fan in Costa Rica.

Bieber hasn't been releasing much information about the "Music Mondays" tracks, but it seems like superproducer Rodney Jerkins may have had a hand in this one. "#Rollercoaster @JustinBieber go to iTunes and support!" he said. "Rollerskating Groove!" Jerkins uploaded a video of himself staring into the camera and bobbing his head along to the song's hypnotic vibe.

And though love doesn't always work for the Biebs, one thing is sure, the gift of Justin is something that we can all agree is one that keeps on giving.