'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire': All Your Burning Questions Answered

From Cinna to Effie, we tie up 'Catching Fire' loose ends.

Other than the whole "being left unresolved" thing, there's not a whole lot left unresolved in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire." Still, like most novels adapted to film there's some things from the page that don't end up on screen, or go by too quickly to make total sense. Luckily, we've got answers to all your burning questions. And spoilers on both for the movie, the book, and future installments of the series:

Q: What Happened To Cinna?

Right before Katniss is sent to compete in the Quarter Quell, she's forced to watch as stylist Cinna (Lenny Kravitz) is beaten and dragged away. That's the last we see of him.

A: He's Dead... Probably: In "Mockingjay" we find out Cinna was killed, though he still has a major part to play from beyond the grave (don't worry, we're not heading into supernatural territory with the third movie). Though the movies have remained faithful to the books, we wouldn't be surprised to see one last scene from Kravitz, particularly as an off-screen death is always suspect on film.

Q: What Was The Rebellion's Plan, Exactly?

At the end of "Catching Fire" it's revealed that Gamesmaker Plutarch Heavensbee has been in league with Haymitch and the Tributes in the Arena to keep Katniss alive. So... What was their plan again?

A: Keep It Loose: Yeah, we're not exactly sure about this one. They keep Katniss alive until they can extract her, something they could have done at any earlier (easier) point before the Arena. Once there, Plutarch kept up appearances by trying to kill her as much as possible. Then while Beetee tried (unsuccessfully) to short-circuit the Arena with his wire wrapped spear, Haymitch and Heavensbee air-lifted Katniss out.

Except, the spear didn't work, so what exactly would they have done if Katniss hadn't blown the dome? Get the ship into the Arena, while the whole world watched, blowing their cover and guaranteeing the Capitol would destroy them? Cool plan, dudes.

Q: How Did Gale Join The Rebellion?

At the end (again) Katniss finds that Gale is working with the Rebellion along with Haymitch, Heavensbee, and Finnick. So how'd he hook up with them?

A: Because Of District 13: In the books Gale manages to leads a group of 800 people out of District 12 before it's destroyed by the Capitol. They wait safely in the woods, which Gale of course knows better than anyone except Katniss, until District 13 finds and rescues them.

Q: Wait, District 13?

Haymitch and Heavensbee mention they're heading to District 13, something that's been underplayed a bit in the movie series. Nuclear bombs destroyed District 13 during the first rebellion, an event that led directly to the creation of The Hunger Games. Reportedly no life can exist there, and it's left empty as a reminder to the other Districts to keep in line.

A: Yup, District 13: It's real, and it's spectacular. And other than that we're not saying anything else for fear of some serious "Mockingjay" spoilers, but suffice to say you'll find out a lot more about District 13 then.

Q: Why Did Snow's Drink Turn Red?

It's a blink and you'll miss it moment, but during the party at the President's mansion, Snow's drink turns red. You could write it off as a trick of the light, but was it something more?

A: It's Blood: We'll tread lightly here, as there's some potential for big "Mockingjay" reveals. But all is not right with President Snow, and what you saw in his drink was blood leaking from sores in his mouth. Worst backwash ever.

Q: Who Was The Lady With The S&M Gear?

Another little detail you might have missed if you weren't looking for it, but in the background of the scene where Peeta, Katniss, and Haymitch eat dinner before the Quarter Quell is a woman wearing what looks like white S&M style headgear.

A: She's An Avox: This is a detail that's been removed entirely from the film series, but played heavily into the books. To punish traitors the Capitol would rip out their tongues and then force them into slavery. Those slaves are called Avoxs, and though its not referred to, that's probably what they look like in the movie. In the books, they're one more giant motivation for Katniss to fight back. You know, kind of like the house-elves in "Harry Potter."

Q: But What About Effie Trinket?

By the end of the movie we get status reports on pretty much everyone, except for Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks). Where she at?

A: She's Been Captured: As we'll find out next time on 'The Hunger Games," Peeta and Johanna aren't the only people taken prisoner by The Capitol. Despite all her groveling, Effie's small act of defiance with the matching gold trinkets marked her as a traitor, and when we catch up to her in "Mockingjay" things have taken a decidedly bad turn for everyone's favorite escort.

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