'The Walking Dead': What You Missed On 'Dead Weight'

Tank! Tank! Tank! Tank!

On this week's episode of "The Walking Dead" we finally linked back to the end of "Internment", with The Governor (David Morrissey) watching Rick and Carl from the shadows outside the Prison. But first, some serious s**t went down:


Fans of the comic book "The Walking Dead" was based on, we could hear your excited yelps for miles during that last shot before the opening credits. As The Governor continues to push his chess metaphors to young Megan ("You can't think forever, sooner or later you've got to make a move") the camera pulls out, and next to "Brian Harriet:" a tank. In the books this leads to some huge moments and massive destruction, and is probably the most iconic image in the book's 116 issues. Hence, yelping.

House Of 1000 Metaphors

On a supply mission with Martinez (formerly his second in charge in the Woodbury days), The Governor passes by dead bodies with their heads missing, and the following signs around their necks: "Liar;" "Rapist;" and "Murderer." Inside of a cabin, they find two zombies, a young girl, and the dead owner's wife; as well as a pile of still living severed heads. We're having a hard time figuring out who, exactly, all of these disparate elements form a proper picture for. Could it be symbols for Martinez's former life? No, that's not quite right. Rick's? We swear it'll come to us eventually.

Hole In One

Drunk, Martinez shows The Governor the golf clubs he saved from Woodbury. Martinez suggests they could share taking charge of their new group, so Gov responds by smacking him in the head with a golf club, kicking him off the roof of an RV, and dragging him to a Biter Hole, screaming, "I don't want it!" Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

"I Can't Lose You Again"

It's a little moment, but an important one. Urging his new beau Lily to get out of the camp with him, The Governor says, "I can't lose you again." He's not talking about Lily, though; the increasingly unhinged Governor is referring to his dead wife. Yikes.

Their Name Is Mud

Gross out zombie of the week goes to the mud pit full of writhing zombies. Continuing our subtle metaphors, they were stuck on the road between the Governor, and his freedom from falling into old habits.

The Rise Of The Governor

It's amazing how the old evil Governor was there, just coiled below the surface. In two short swoops, he kills Pete (who has taken charge post-Martinez), and gets loose cannon Mitch under his command. By episode's end we're in a mini-RV Woodbury all over again.

Aquarium 2: The Revenge

Oh, wait, Pete being chained to a rock underwater in a lake, staring at the Governor and trying to eat him in a reflection of the aquarium tanks full of zombie heads from last season was the scariest zombie of the week. Worst place to swim, ever.

Run, Michonne!

How about that cliffhanger, huh? Realizing the RV camp isn't safe, The Governor heads to the prison to check things out. He sees Rick and Carl, and then walks over to see Michonne outside the fence chatting happily with Hershel. Incensed and enraged over the survival of the woman who took his eye, he raises his gun, points it at her, and... Cut to black. Now we don't expect The Governor to just start blasting away, when he has a tank and an army. But that doesn't mean Michonne is going to escape unscathed.

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