One Direction's 1D Day: Relive Every Adorable Moment, GIF By GIF

Missed the magic of 1D Day? Don't worry, we've collected the best, most bro-tastic moments from the seven-hour live stream.

Just two days before the release of their third album, Midnight Memories, the guys of One Direction sent a seven-hour-long, charm-filled "Thank You" to their fans with 1D Day. The worldwide live stream featured 1D being, well, 1D, in the most adorable, bro-tastic ways possible — putting on swoonworthy performances with guests like Michael Buble, crashing Google hangouts across the globe, competing in fashion face-offs and attempting (and failing at) a ton of Guiness World Records.

In case you were one of the few Directioners who didn't get the 1D Day memo — and we're not sure how that's possible — MTV News was eagerly watching every minute to bring you the best moments.

When One Direction Goes Wrong

Ever wonder what it's like to walk in One Direction's shoes? Well, five lucky guys who bore somewhat of a resemblance to each member of the band — one fan tweeted asking if they were supposed to be 1D ... 10 years from now — took to the streets of Los Angeles to find out. Pretending to be the boy band, some fans easily fell for "Wrong Direction," asking them for pictures and autographs. Wrong Direction then joined the boys in-studio, where Louis suggested they make a "supergroup."

We'll Have A (Six) Pack Of 1D

The guys have been spending some serious time working on their fitness, and that was clear when they rolled back a segment about how 1D squeeze in time to hit the gym while on tour. Directioners got a peek at the band's work-out routines, including plenty of shirtless moments like Harry running on a treadmill. We also saw Zayn and Liam showing off their boxing skills and Niall attempting "10,000 squats" to get "an ass like Kim K."

Harry Styles Can Cook! (Sort Of)

Challenging the band's chef, Sarah, to a cook-off, Harry attempted to recreate a generations-old Styles "family recipe." While he seemed to put in a lot of effort, even hilariously donning a construction hat and saw for the dish, the final product turned out to be just a ... sandwich, a.k.a. a "manwich." Harry still managed to win the challenge, however, but that was probably because he slipped the judges, including his sister Gemma, some cash.

Dirty Dancing

During the live stream, we got a lot of behind-the-scenes tour footage. In one segment, Zayn took some downtime to create a spray-paint mural. But in one of the goofiest clips of the night, we got a glimpse of the guys dancing backstage to Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty" featuring 2 Chainz. And Liam gets a little too close and personal with his bandmates.

Liam Has A Crush On A Supermodel

"Don't call me Mrs. Crawford." That was '90s supermodel icon's reaction when Harry and Liam greeted her as she joined 1D Day to give them some runway tips before an in-studio walk-off. If Cindy, who said she was introduced to the band by her 12-year-old daughter, wasn't feeling that matronly sounding welcome, she must have been flattered by Liam's adorable fumbling. "I can't look at you," he said, gushing over the model mom's mug, before they hit the runway arm-in-arm.

Football Fanatic

In a clip, we watched Louis head to the football (Americans, read: soccer) stadium to take a break from touring. The band doesn't get that much time for themselves on the road, but it just so happens that Tomlinson is a non-contract player for the Doncaster Rovers. "I managed to be in One Direction... and play football. How cool is that?" he said proudly. Watch him headbutt that ball into the goal. Rah rah rah!

Liam Knocks Down A Pro-Wrestler

Ahem, sorry, but was that Liam in that lucho libre mask? The kid totally dominated pro-wrestler Kurt Angle, and now we're worried he's leaving One Direction for his follow his newfound talent!

Turning Japanese

What better way to keep things interesting than by having Zayn and Louis compete to see who can throw razor-sharp ninja stars the best? Pop stars and sharp objects! Donning ninja costumes, both the 1D singers threw the stars at a target. And, in case you always wondered who has sweeter ninja skills, after several attempts on both their parts, Zayn was declared the winner. And to think he was "very nervous" before it all started!

'Oh, Myyyy Loveeee, My Darling, I Hunger For Your Touch'

Woops, nerding out hardcore over here. But we flipped when Harry and Niall remade that iconic scene from "Ghost" Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze-style. Unbelievably swoony. Thanks, Harry Pottery.

Bollywood Stars

Sure 1D don't usually dance, but Louis and Zayn rocked traditional Indian garb and tried their best to show the world they do have some dancing skills when they hit the stage and put on a full on Bollywood-type dance routine. So, did they do any good? "Wow that went on for long," Louis said, declaring their dancing skills "rubbish."

Good Night, And Good Luck

The show closed out with a highlight reel (of which there were many) a holiday-themed performance of "White Christmas" with Niall's "hero" Michael Buble. Buble performed with the guys virtually from Las Vegas. As they sang the track, they were joined by guests and crew that had been with them throughout the massive multi-hour event.

World Record Attempts (And Failures)

The 2-Ply Challenge

For their first challenge, 1D attempted to break the record for tallest toilet paper stack assembled in 30 seconds. Two Guinness Book officials were on hand to judge as the guys tried to stack more than the record 28 rolls. So how did they do?

Record: Fail

Niall's A Real 'Dime'

For record attempt #2, Louis and Niall each tried to balance coins on their faces while standing up. While, Louis soon threw in the towel, Niall bravely kept spreading money out on his face hoping to beat the current record of 57 coins. Unfortunately, he only managed 21.



Bubble Butt

Did you ever know there was a world record for number of balloon busted with your butt? 1D did. Liam tried to break the record with Zayn as his help. Liam squatted in a chair as Zayn and another assistant fed the balloons underneath him. Unfortunately, even with two attempts, they couldn't beat 27 balloons, only bursting 22 each time.

Record: Fail

T's On T's On T's

The Guinness folks were back to see if the guys could finally break a new record: to put on the most t-shirts by a team of two in one minute. Louis passed the shirts while Zayn piled them on, but they didn't manage to beat the record of 31. Why'd they fail? Well, Zayn didn't pull the shirts on all the way down to his waist. "Recount," someone declared!

Record: Fail

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