Watch One Direction's Liam 'The Payne Train' Destroy A Pro-Wrestler For 1D Day

Payne totally schools Kurt Angle during Saturday's live stream.

WWE, watch out. You may need to update your roster.

One Direction pulled out all the tricks for their 1D Day seven-hour live stream ... and that included slipping Liam Payne into a lucha libre suit and mask and putting him inside a ring with pro wrestler Kurt Angle.

We know what you're thinking. "Sure, Liam's good at singing, but he doesn't stand a chance against the 230-pound mass of muscle." Well, you'd be wrong. He flipped and flew and whipped Angle down to the mat. And that — beside getting a message from astronauts in space — might be the biggest surprise of the night.

The guys went live into a "Doctor Who" party in their third hour. The TV show is celebrating its 50th anniversary this weekend and the boys were excited to see the stars. Some technical problems made the conversation a tad awkward to watch. They continued going live by dropping into the U.K. "X Factor," where the guys became a group three years ago.

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They shone light on behind-the-scenes producers and directors who help make their music and videos possible. Ben Winston, who directed the "Story of my Life" video, directed the live stream. One segment had songwriter Julian Bunetta trying to pick up chicks with One Direction lyrics. Spoiler: he was successful. James Corden, who co-wrote the sketch in the "Best Song Ever" video, dropped in. And when he was asked if he listened to Midnight Memories, he cracked up Niall and Harry, saying, "Of course I haven't listened to it — I'm a 35-year-old man!"

Niall also checked in with friends McFly, who recently celebrated 10 years together, and Busted during the stream. Tom Fletcher talked about writing "Don't Forget Where You Belong" with Niall, and afterward, fans got to hear the track.

Along with other fun games, like "Harry Pottery," the boys played "Entourage Feel," where they were blindfolded and told to guess the member of their team without seeing them — only touch. It took a while, but they came out three for three.