1D Day Kickoff: One Direction Give Dreamy Performance And Harry Styles Talks 'Dating' Kendall Jenner

Epic global live stream launched Saturday with more than 750,000 fans clicking in for fan chats, exclusives and shirtless boy band madness.

One Direction have taken over the Internet.

On Saturday (November 23), the highly anticipated 1D Day got under way with a global, seven-hour global live stream, featuring Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn hosting live performances, celebrity guests, tons of fan interaction, song teases from their November 25 release, Midnight Memories, and enough shirtless shots of the boy band to induce worldwide drooling. As if that weren't enough, a certain "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star got a jaw-dropping mention during a sit-down with Piers Morgan.

The guys, all cute and casually dressed in jeans and sneakers, gathered in a Los Angeles studio for the unprecedented event, which is currently streaming in 61 countries. With about 770,000 fans tuning in via screen, some lucky fans were able to attend in the audience, where they got a listen to Midnight Memories in a UK-style phone booth that featured headphones instead of a telephone.

The studio was divided into five different sections, including the listening booth; the world map (where 1D pinned locations of fans everywhere from Poland to Germany to Sweden); the comfy couches; an interactive area where they interviewed Directioners via Google Hangouts; and a stage where a live band provided the soundtrack for 1D Day (and the rapper Thurs freestyled some tweets coming in with the hastag #1DDayLive).

About an hour into the stream, the fivesome hit the stage and performed their latest single, "Story of My Life." The boy band sang a stripped-down version of the moving track, showing off their impressive vocals. 1D also previewed two of the tracks off their new album, "Happily" and "Through the Dark," which played over behind-the-scenes footage of their recently wrapped Take Me Home Tour.

Following the performance, the guys each flopped down on their own couch and were individually interviewed by CNN's Piers Morgan, who took questions from fans via Twitter.

Zayn talked all about his new tattoo and Niall revealed he has a bit of a gas problem after teasingly being asked why he "smelled." But things got a little uncomfortable when Harry was asked if he was dating E! reality star Kendall Jenner, who was recently spotted on an outing with the heartthrob.

"I mean, we went out for dinner, but no, I guess," Harry awkwardly answered of whether he was dating Kendall. As Piers tried to ask a follow-up question, a voice from off-camera could be heard shouting "move on!"

Although Harry didn't want to kiss and tell, he did reveal that out of all the members of the group, he has kissed the most girls with a total of eight.

But it wasn't all talk about girls, though. There have been so many lighthearted moments within just the first two hours of the stream, including an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the tallest stack of toilet paper (they failed); Harry's sandwich-making in a cook-off with the band's chef, Sarah; glimpses of their shirtless workout routines on tour; and a piece on Liam's love of surfing.

The band also had a little bit of fun with when they gave five lucky guys, otherwise known as Wrong Direction, the chance to walk in their shoes for the day. Each guy had ... somewhat ... of a resemblance to a member of One Direction, and they were instructed to hit the streets of Los Angeles to find out if fans would fall for the trick. It turns out they did, asking for autographs, pictures and interviews!

While Niall, Zayn and Louis took a break at one point, hosts Harry and Liam chatted with fans, played magic tricks, and modeled T-shirts designed by fans from Sweden as part of one of many 1D Day challenges. Liam and Harry hit a makeshift runway with none other supermodel Cindy Crawford, who coached them on posing and making their best model faces.