'Walking Dead' Predictions: The Governor's Next Move

The artist formerly known as Philip Blake reunites with an old friend and gets a new ride on 'Dead Weight.'

The Governor was always Hell to deal with, but pretty soon, he'll be Hell on wheels.

Tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead," titled "Dead Weight," once again centers on the sociopath formerly known as the Governor, just like last week's "Live Bait." The one-eyed former king of Woodbury reunited with old friend Martinez at the end of last week's episode. Is it just a matter of time before that reunion brings out the ugly side in the Governor, or is the man known as "Brian Heriot" here to stay?

We'll find out the answer on tonight's episode. But before that, some predictions:

Prediction #1: The Governor Gets Outted

Of course the Governor gets out of the ditch. That's a gimme. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about his true identity. Brian Heriot's days are numbered, now that Martinez is back in the mix. He'll reveal the Governor's secrets to Lilly and company before too long, or the Governor himself will spill the beans in an effort to control the spin. Either way, the skeletons (or is it floating zombie heads?) are coming out of the Governor's closet tonight, whether he's ready or not.

Prediction #2: The Governor Kills Again

Once the Governor is forced out of his shell, expect the man to regress to old habits. And what's his very favorite habit? If you answered "killing people in horribly inventive ways," then you guessed right! It's really only a question of who, not if or when. Whether it's Martinez, Lilly or someone else we haven't met, some non-zombie's brain will have the Governor's handiwork all over it before the episode ends.

Prediction #3: The Governor Meets Bob

If Bob isn't outed as the Governor's mole in this coming episode, I'll abandon the whole theory, scout's honor. But I'm sticking with it for now: Bob is working with the Governor as an inside-agent at the prison. We'll see the two characters meet face to face in tonight's flashback episode. I'd bet my last bottle of booze on it.

Prediction #4: The Governor Gets A Ride

Again, another gimme: earlier in the week, we posted an exclusive photo featuring the Governor and a tank. If you've read the "Walking Dead" comic books, then you know that a tank features quite prominently in the "Made to Suffer" story arc. If our photo is any indication, that bloody story arc is imminent, and could kick off as soon as tonight.

Prediction #5: The Governor Has Back-Up

My prediction for the final shot of the episode: a reverse angle on the ending of episode five, which featured the surprise appearance of the Governor. At that time, the camera was positioned so we could only see the Governor's backside, before he eerily turns back to look at something the viewer can't see. Tonight's episode, we'll see what he's looking at: a whole army of fellow survivors intent on taking over the prison by any and all means necessary.

What do you think will happen on tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead"? Will the Governor's tank be put to lethal use? Let us know in the comments below!