How 'Catching Fire' Got The Capitol Right

Francis Lawrence tells MTV News' Josh Horowitz he wanted to 'see more' of the opulent city.

When you make a movie for a beloved series like "The Hunger Games," no consideration of detail, no matter how tiny the thing, is wasted. This weekend, "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" opens on 4,163 screens, each theater full of the most die-hard fans with an obsessive eye for accuracy. Producer Nina Jacobsen and director Francis Lawrence, who took the reins from "The Hunger Games" director Gary Ross, had their work cut out for them when it came to building a Panem that would satisfy hardcore fans of the series.

Lawrence was well aware of the pressure to get the opulent Capitol right on screen in the second film of the series, as he told MTV News' Josh Horowitz on the red carpet of the movie's New York premiere this week.

"I really wanted to open the world up," Lawrence said. "I wanted to see more of it. I wanted to see more of the spectacle, especially up against and juxtaposed against the Districts, to see the kind of lavish lifestyle they really live."

Producer Nina Jacobsen also pointed out the importance of paying attention to detail in the city, because, "This is the book where we really get to spend time in the Capitol."

Check out the clip above, and see if you agree. "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is in theaters now.