Wild Cub Will Work Their 'Ass Off' On Artist To Watch Live

The Nashville band goes on tonight at 8 p.m. EST on MTV Hive.

If you're looking for something to do this Friday evening, Wild Cub, for one, is willing to work their asses off for your entertainment. The guys will be taking the stage Friday night (November 22) for MTV Hive's Artist To Watch Live event, and you're invited — for free, even.

"Indie music is such a cynical, cynical place filled with a lot of cynical, cynical people," lead singer Keegan DeWitt told MTV News. "Because we have to do this every day...we don't have the luxury of going to a show and being like, 'Eh, em' about things."

Wild Cub has been at it hard since the band formed in Nashville, Tennessee, and released their debut album -- slated for re-issue in January -- Youth in 2012. That record was created in a very intimate setting: the band's home studio. They wanted the album to sound as authentic as possible -- like "a diary entry or a shoebox of pictures," they told MTV Hive — so they took everything they recorded and ran it through a TASCAM 4-track tape recorder.

The challenge on tour, as you can imagine, became: How could they replicate that authentic sound live on stage? "We've kind of built it between the drums and all of us singing and how kinetic the whole live thing is...so that we can go to work every single night," DeWitt said. "In the best way. There's tangible things that we can do when we go to work."

And it's those tangible aspects that keep the band going on tour, striving to keep performances new and exciting. "We do this every day and we want to make sure that if we go down, we go down swinging and people can say, 'Well, they worked their asses off.'" DeWitt said. "And so that's our goal: to work our ass off every single night."

You can watch Wild Cub do just that tonight at 8 p.m. EST on MTVHive.com.