'Doctor Who' Vs. One Direction: Who Will Win The Battle Of The Brits?

1D Day and Doctor's 50th Anniversary both celebrated November 23.

Today isn't just all about One Direction's seven hour-long live-stream, called 1D Day: it's also the fiftieth Anniversary of "Doctor Who," culminating a simultaneous worldwide broadcast this afternoon. Though the boy band and the Time Lord have peacefully settled their differences, with One Direction heading to the "Doctor Who" after-party as part of their live-stream, we here at MTV News have decided to pay tribute to the dual events with a little something we like to call the Battle of the Brits.

In our exclusive infographic, we detail the surprising connections (and slightly less surprising differences) between the TV show and the band. From their social presence, to age, to signature accessories, they're all there. So who will win the Battle of the Brits? The fans, that's who.

You can watch 1D Day at 1dday.com/. "The Day Of The Doctor" will be broadcast on BBC America at 2:50 P.M. ET.