'Girls' Trailer Takes Twerking To A Whole New Place -- The Cemetery

The HBO series will be back on January 12, so get a peek now.

Come January 12, the "Girls" are back in town. And they are bringing their emotional baggage and boy toys along for the journey.

"The glory of God is all around us, Hannah," Hannah's (show creator Lena Dunham) beau, Adam (Adam Driver), declares to her in the opening moments of the season three trailer. That might be the case, but Hannah doesn't look all too pleased to be out in the wilderness with him and pal Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) to go on a hike.

"Yeah, but you know what Adam? It's really liberating to say 'no' to sh-- you hate," she responds, and from there, the girls dig into the next chapter of their lives with just a touch of angst, but with a bunch of carefree moments as well. Yep, that includes twerking on a gravestone. We can't wait to find out the explanation behind that.

And while everyone is trying to balance love and work, it looks like Marnie, in particular, is dealing with the end of her relationship with her on-again-off-again boyfriend Charlie. (Actor Christopher Abbott officially left the show earlier this year.) She hits the gym and promises her pals that she is "OK."

Marnie's real-life counterpart, Allison Williams, opened up to MTV News over the summer about the show's third season and her expectations for it. She said, "I think it's a very funny season. I think it's pretty lighthearted, but also it's just the third year in a row you get to see these girls, so I think people have gotten to know us pretty well by now and so you get to see different dimensions of all of us."

This season will also welcome a roster of guest stars including "Orange Is The New Black" actress Danielle Brooks, Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon, "Zero Hour" actor Amir Arison, "90210" actress Natalie Morales and "Boardwalk Empire" actor Michael Zegen, among others.