'Glee' Will Finally Figure Out What The Fox Says... With Puppets

In 2014, 'Glee' will be back on Tuesday nights on Fox.

The "Glee" kids will soon be packing their bags. The show is moving back to Tuesday nights beginning February 25.

The show will settle back into its original 8 p.m. time slot on Tuesdays with its spring premiere, sharing the night with Adam Samberg's rookie cop comedy, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," as well as Zooey Deschanel's sitcom, "New Girl."

Current Tuesday night sitcoms, "Dads" and "The Mindy Project," will go on hiatus, according to The Hollywood Reporter.While Fox has yet to determine when "Dads" might come back, "Mindy" will return April 1 with an hour-long premiere.

As for "Glee," the show will cover Ylvis' breakthrough hit, "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)," come November 28 (after paying homage to Billy Joel this week). For some reason, puppets, who are lookalikes of the characters on the show, are involved. Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert will both be back in the episode as well.

Puppets will be all over television on Thanksgiving night. Lady Gaga will hang out with the Muppets during her ABC holiday special, "Lady Gaga & the Muppets' Holiday Spectacular," which airs the same night as the puppet-themed "Glee" episode.

Back in October, MTV News spoke to Ylvis, who coincidentally revealed that Gaga was one of the main inspirations for their wacky, animal-themed hit, which has even inspired celebrities like Evan Rachel Wood to get in on the fun. "We made 'The Fox' song and we thought, 'We have to beat Lady Gaga.'.... It takes a fox," Bard Ylvisaker shared.

"It's really crazy," Bard added. "Everything that happens now is really strange and crazy and we're just in for the ride. We don't know where it stops, but we're here as long as it lasts."