Niall Horan Calls Paps 'Weirdos,' Dishes On Love Life

The One Direction heartthrob reveals his relationship status.

Niall Horan is single and ready to mingle. But, as it turns out, it's not as easy as you might think for the One Direction heartthrob to meet the right girl.

"Yes, I don't have a girlfriend. You have to find the one who just sees you as a normal person, which is exactly what I am, and just like you for who you are and not because I'm in One Direction," he shared during his interview with E! News, mirroring a similar statement fellow 1D hottie Liam Payne shared in their 3-D flick, "This Is Us."

While Niall is still searching for someone special, Harry Styles sparked romance rumors of his own this week. He was spotted grabbing dinner with Kendall Jenner on Wednesday night after the band touched down in Los Angeles. The night before his dinner with the reality starlet, the group was hounded by paparazzi at LAX, where Niall was knocked down by the photogs.

"They're quite aggressive paparazzi here. I wasn't expecting it. There was loads of paps, 50, 60 paps, and the fans were behind them. They start pushing each other, which meant we got pushed. Then someone pushed me and dragged me to the floor, and then it was all a bit crazy and Zayn was being dragged around," he shared about the Tuesday night incident.

He added, "We felt bad afterward 'cause we kind of let down the fans, but it was actually the paps' fault 'cause they're weirdos."

Still, Niall doesn't hold any grudges against the hungry photographers. "I don't think anyone's finding it really hard. We just keep ourselves to ourselves and go with it. These guys [the paparazzi] have got a job to do and got money to make and families to feed, which is totally fine," he said. "But it's the way you go about it is the thing."

The guys are in L.A. to promote their new album, Midnight Memories, out Monday. In addition to their seven-hour live stream, 1D Day, on Saturday, they will also takes the stage at the American Music Awards on Sunday. But, prior to all of that, they came face to face with "X Factor" judge, Simon Cowell, who plucked the guys from obscurity on the U.K. version back in 2010. They played the U.S. version Thursday night.

"You still think you're on the show when you stand in front of him, but, yeah, it's good. It brings back some good memories," he said.

So, where does Niall see the band going? He shared, "We want to the biggest and the best. To come here and have the success that we've had is amazing."